The Data and the results will be archived and managed through our online portal.
Clients will have full access to such information through specific areas on our website.

This information has the possibility to be viewed and/or printed with specific passwords assigned to different managers. If required so by the client, unique passwords will be assigned to individuals and general passwords to the administration.
The website will update itself as soon as the data, achieved from the last control, has been uploaded to our servers. Each different section of the database will correspond to a univocal code for each different type of equipment. This, will also be “virtually disassembled” into each component controlled during the procedure.

Each module will cover technical data, acknowledgment of conformity and the results achieved from the tests that each component has undergone.
Furthermore, there will be the opportunity to view, under each product-code:

  • Picture of the product
  • PDF of the technical drawing
  • Attestations
  • Certifications for the accessories

If the client requested so, it is possible to arrange in advance a PDF containing the previous year’s information present in our database.
Within the file there will be an index, which will grant easy navigability for our website.

In order to guarantee maximum accuracy, Timestamps will be added on the PDF.

The above-mentioned process, guarantees accuracy and efficiency when viewing results concerning a specific element within a product or anything that has to do with an item/group of items that had to undergo our conformity tests. These are divided into:

  • Items within the same “product family” of the same sector
  • Items not found through “product family”
  • Items cancelled through “product family”
  • Non-Conformed Items.
  • Identification of the single accessory that has a defect.

DAL D.LGS. 9 APRILE 2008 81/2008

le funi, le catene e gli accessori di sollevamento sono sottoposti a controlli trimestrali in mancanza di specifica indicazione da parte del fabbricante [Allegato VI, ART. 3, comma 3.1.2];

il datore di lavoro/l’azienda prendono le misure necessarie affinché le attrezzature di lavoro siano oggetto di idonea manutenzione al fine di garantire nel tempo la permanenza dei requisiti di sicurezza (…) [CAPO II, SANZIONI, ART. 69, comma 4.a.2];

i risultati delle verifiche ed i controlli devono essere riportati per iscritto e almeno quelli relativi • agli ultimi 3 anni devono essere conservati e tenuti a disposizione degli organi di vigilanza [CAPO II, SANZIONI, ART. 69, comma 9];

tutte le operazioni di sollevamento devono essere correttamente controllate ed eseguite al fine • di tutelare la sicurezza dei lavoratori [Allegato VI, ART. 3, comma 3.2.5];


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