Ten years' experience in Non Destructive Testing

methodology addressed to the safety of the worker


Control Service Srl is proud to offer a quality control policy, defined by the head office, which intends to involve its staff and to take responsibility against them since they can influence, in a direct way, the relationship with the clients.

Quality Control Policy towards the client

  • Guarantee Your competence and professionalism
  • Work together to create a collaborative and efficient ambient and positive interpersonal relationships of mutual trust between You and the client.
  • Respect the different business figures and to correctly recognize the different authorities so that relationships can be easily addressed.
  • Always use Dpi, dress appropriately, take care of their body, in way that is in accordance to the working environment.
  • Have knowledge of the company’s rules and respect them.
  • Guarantee transparency and uniformity in the examinations done.
  • Inform the client on new services suited for their company.

Quality Control Policy towards the Head Office

  • Assume and maintain a correct and polite behavior towards all the members of the business and the staff
  • Be punctual and meticulous in the examinations
  • Be punctual and meticulous in the data upload and in the compilation process of the documentation
  • Inform instantaneously the head office of misunderstandings acknowledged by the client
  • Acknowledge the value and importance of the data and the resource used for the correct execution of the job
  • Acknowledge the privacy of the data collected
  • Actively Participate to the training activities promoted by the head office  

Quality control Policy of the head office towards its staff

  • Work with a proactive mentality, which enhances the company and attracts more clients
  • Work to actively satisfy the clients
  • Schedule internal controls to supervise and guarantee the work done by the staff
  • Guarantee the punctuality and continuity of the service done while in you company
  • Create a positive ambient based on mutual respect and on the collaboration between staff members
  • Schedule weekly meetings with the staff to examine and discuss the identified issues
  • Be proactive towards new training sessions promoted by the head office
  • Have a polite and respectful relationship with the staff members; Mutual respect and proactive concepts should be embraced

DAL D.LGS. 9 APRILE 2008 81/2008

le funi, le catene e gli accessori di sollevamento sono sottoposti a controlli trimestrali in mancanza di specifica indicazione da parte del fabbricante [Allegato VI, ART. 3, comma 3.1.2];

il datore di lavoro/l’azienda prendono le misure necessarie affinché le attrezzature di lavoro siano oggetto di idonea manutenzione al fine di garantire nel tempo la permanenza dei requisiti di sicurezza (…) [CAPO II, SANZIONI, ART. 69, comma 4.a.2];

i risultati delle verifiche ed i controlli devono essere riportati per iscritto e almeno quelli relativi • agli ultimi 3 anni devono essere conservati e tenuti a disposizione degli organi di vigilanza [CAPO II, SANZIONI, ART. 69, comma 9];

tutte le operazioni di sollevamento devono essere correttamente controllate ed eseguite al fine • di tutelare la sicurezza dei lavoratori [Allegato VI, ART. 3, comma 3.2.5];


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